Where do you go to get advice on how to acquire long-term funding for a business? Has your banker, loan broker or CPA ever obtained financing for their own business? Do they know how to build a perfect business credit file to get the best rate and terms? Of course not.

L4S is the AUTHORITY on building business credit files. Make no mistake. We’re here to get you financing, but to get you there we’re going to…

  • Audit your business for compliance issues to ensure you’re properly positioned for underwriting,
  • Help you build your business credit files and scores for maximum approvals,
  • Submit you for pre-approvals and let the banks compete against themselves,
  • And then complete the actual loan forms for the loans you decide best meet your needs.

The result is you get the most approvals at the best terms.

The Business Credit Development Coaching System

Upon enrollment you’ll get instant access to our easy-to-use user interface that will guide you through the process using our proven, step-by-step business credit building system.

Your personal Certified Business Credit Coach is trained in business credit compliance, development system and funding optimization. They don’t get paid unless you’re making progress.

Our user interface provides real time credit score and trade credit history monitoring, so you can track your progress.

You get access to you credit file setup and data feed with Experian, Equifax and D&B.  D&B even gives our clients a discount on their credit file set-up.

As you complete each step our system will automatically pre-qualify you for as many as 18 funding options.

Once you’ve completed the program you’ll get access to a network of over 2,500 different lenders all competing for your business, as well as direct access to 7851 National Credit Union Association offering “Federal Business Recovery Funds”

Here’s What You Get

  • Corporate Compliance and documentation review
  • Discount on D&B file and a D&B rating
  • D&B Paydex Score
  • Business credit file with Corporate Experian with an intelliscore
  • Business credit file with business Equifax with the appropriate business credit score
  • Trade accounts and/or Vendor Accounts with and without a personal guarantee
  • A business credit asset that can be used to leverage financing opportunities
  • Access to a dedicated funding advisor for the next 5 years to secure all the financing you’ll ever need

Who is this for?

If you’re starting a business – There is no better time to build business credit than when you’re starting a business.  We ensure your business is in compliance with lending guidelines and structured to reduce personal liability.  With our 6 step program you will receive start-up funding faster then any other option available.

If you’re a business owner with poor personal credit – Did you know that over 92% of small business funding comes from personal credit.  We have helped thousands of business owners separate their personal credit from their business credit score. Our program will allow your business to grow without being limited by your personal credit history.

If you own a business, but need more growth funding – Healthy businesses need cash flow to grow.  Almost all business owners will reach a point where their personal credit will be unable to meet the business’s financial needs. Why? Because your personal credit is limited by your personal debt and assets.  Your business credit can get you all the funding you need, as fast as your business can grow.

Who is this NOT for?

If you’re unwilling to follow our step-by-step brain dead easy program until completion, even though we’re providing a personal Certified Business Credit Coach to answer your every question and hold your hand throughout the process, then you should not enroll.

If you’re “OK” with risking your personal credit and assets to fund your business, then this service is not for you.

If you’re unwilling or unable to make a small investment in your business in order to obtain all the financing you’ll ever need, then L4S is not for you.