Over 90% of business loans now come from alternative lenders, not conventional banks. And these alternative lenders only typically work with 1-2 limited funding programs, which make finding the right lender for your needs much more complicated.

Our experts work with hundreds of major lending institutions, as well as smaller legitimate funding programs across the USA. It’s our job to know which lenders offer you the best chances of approval based on your business’ strengths. This gives you the best opportunity to get more funding at great terms.

Your own personal Finance Officer develops your Finance Blueprint with all of your funding options. We help you select the best programs based on your goals, then we go to work to negotiate with lenders and investors and quickly get you financing.

You’ll receive a pre-approval in just 24 hours and receive cash in as little as 48 hours.

Our lending programs include:

  • Unsecured Business Financing – This program is designed to help clients get funding based strictly on personal or business credit quality.  Our lenders will not ask for financials, bank statements, business plans, resumes, or any of the other burdensome document requests that most conventional lenders demand. Get approved for as much as $150,000.00 with a 0% introductory rate.
  • Fix And Flip – The perfect financing for real estate investors. Close in as little as 10 days with minimal documentation. Borrow up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the construction costs.
  • Business Revenue Lending – Get funding in as little as 48 hours without hassles. Funding amounts are based strictly on the strength of your deposits.
  • Merchant Advances – Our Merchant Financing program is perfect for business owners who accept credit cards and are looking for fast and easy business financing! You can be approved for as much as $500,000 in financing with no collateral requirements and bad credit.
  • Account Receivable Funding – Why wait to get paid? With our Account Receivable Financing you can regularly secure money against their receivables in as little as 24 hours.  And you can get rates less than 2% and financing as high as $20,000,000 even with severely challenged personal credit.
  • Purchase Order Financing – Our Purchase Order Financing is a short-term finance option that provides capital so you can pay your suppliers upfront so your company doesn’t have to deplete cash reserves.
  • Inventory Financing – Secure a credit line for 50% of your current inventory value if your inventory is worth $500,000 or higher.  You can be approved for a line with rates as low as 2-5% regardless of your personal credit quality.
  • 401k Financing – In as little as 2 weeks you can invest a portion of your retirement funds into your business, giving you more control over the performance of your retirement plan assets and the working capital you need for business growth.
  • Securities Credit Lines – Invest a portion of your stock portfolio in your business. Get access to funds in as little as 2 weeks.
  • SBA Loans – Established businesses with tax returns that show good revenues and profitability can get very large sums of funding with Secured Small Business Loans.
  • Equipment Financing – We offer equipment financing and leasing programs for startup and existing businesses.  You can get approved even with challenged credit, you won’t need financials to secure equipment financing, and approvals take as little as 24 hours.
  • Private Equity Financing – With our private money sources you won’t be required to give up any percentage of ownership equity in your business.  You retain full control and are still able to obtain private investor funding, even when your bank says no.
  • Book-of-Business Financing – Insurance Agents can be approved for a 3-10 year loan or credit line for your insurance business, even if you have average credit.  And all you truly need to qualify is a book-of-business of renewable commissions. You can even use the book-of-business for the insurance agency you are buying as collateral to get approved.

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