Business Revenue Financing is perfect for entrepreneurs who are looking for fast, easy money with little headaches.  You can easily be approved for financing as much as $500,000 within 24 hours based on a simple review of your business bank statements.

Easy Qualification Process

To determine approval the lender will review 4-6 months of your bank statements.  All the lenders are looking for is consistent deposits showing your revenue is $120,000 or higher annually.  They will also verify that you have been in business one year or more. If you haven’t been in business one year or more

Lenders are also looking to see that you don’t have a lot of Non-Sufficient-Funds showing on your bank statements and that you have more than 5 deposits in a month going into your bank account.  Basically, all they are looking for is that you manage your bank account responsibly and have a decent number of consistent deposits.

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